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To meet today's challenges, we have created a unique fund management system.

ROYAL FX Bank - a private financial company specializing in investments. Our system is risk-free thanks to the development and improvement of a semi-automated fare system. We have upgraded our automatic system so that the last step before the guess is now done by our operators. EFFICIENCY # EXPERIENCE EFFICIENCY # EXPERIENC

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We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards for direct payments. If you are using the Crypto method to deposit, the service you are using may have a specific credit card type preference.

Credit card deposits may incur minor additional fees due to exchange rate differences. Make sure your Monet Markets account and your bank account linked to your credit card use the same currency. Please contact your bank for the most accurate information.

Asset ownership has only one investment objective: buy when it's cheap, sell when it's expensive. However, cryptocurrencies show volatile price movements, which poses risks for investors. Trading CFDs for cryptocurrencies removes this limitation. Because you can either go long or short your position. This means you can profit even if a crypto’s price falls! Likewise, if your position is short, you may incur losses if the coin appreciates in value. Trading CFDs with Monet Markets gives you easy access and saves you the hassle of setting up a digital wallet or paying fees for the service.

The number of coins available and their release rate significantly influences the price (supply & demand). So, prices react to how valuable the currency is – market sentiment. When prices rise/fall sharply, media coverage increases. Investors perceive crypto as a lucrative tool and it is therefore becoming increasingly popular. Economic events and regulatory updates play a key role, as do other markets.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms.

Royal Fx Bank offers Metatrader 4 platforms to access the Forex market. These platforms inherently contain analytical charts to predict market sentiment and trade better. We also have tools and forex signals to analyze the markets and the price movements more easily. Forex beginners should study our free trading materials to learn how to read charts before they start trading forex online.

All data stored on our servers remains protected at all times by encryption technology. All account-related transactions of our customers are mediated exclusively via secure internet connections.

All financial transactions are carried out in the customer portal. The main account is used for: Withdrawals. You can withdraw funds from your Monet Markets main account (directly) and trading accounts (via automatic commission-free internal transfer). In order to withdraw funds from your commission account, you must first make an internal transfer to the main account. Insoles. You can fund a trading account or a master account. Transfers between accounts. You can transfer funds from the main account to a trading account and back. If the account currencies do not match, the amount will be converted into another currency. Exchange of currencies between sub-pocket. Your main Monet Markets account is multi-currency based. When you open the main account, it has a currency sub-pocket. Subpockets in other currencies are created automatically when you make a deposit or exchange funds. You can exchange transactions between sub-pockets on your main account using the currency exchange service in the customer portal.